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Breastfeeding Educator Certificate

Learn about the process of lactation and essential skills for supporting and promoting breastfeeding in an interactive and engaging environment.  This 45-hour evidence-based course on human lactation and breastfeeding is designed for health professionals and paraprofessionals. A certificate is awarded upon successful completion.


Topics covered in this course include:

· History of infant feeding · Advantages of breastfeeding for the family and society
· Common myths about breastfeeding
· Public health breastfeeding promotion
· Anatomy and physiology · Maternal low milk supply
· Teaching basic breastfeeding techniques  · Observing and assessing a breastfeeding session
• Helping moms with return to work issues, including pumping
· Normal baby behavior
· Common maternal and infant breastfeeding issues
· Composition of human milk
· Comparison of human milk and manufactured infant formulas
· Human milk banking and sharing
· Breastfeeding promotion for families of diverse                             cultural backgrounds
· Nutrition for the breastfed infant / Maternal nutrition         while breastfeeding
· Legal, ethical and scope of practice concerns · Information literacy
· When to refer


Learning Environment

· Variety of teaching methods used by experience instructors
· Opportunities to practice skills learned with colleagues
· Our instructors are clinical experts on the areas they teach
· Variety of media used to enhance learning (e.g., videos)
· Engaging materials and case studies, utilizing instructors’
  clinical experiences



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Continuing Education

The International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE) has awarded 44 L-CERPs and 1 E-CERP for completion of the Breastfeeding Educator course (IBLCE Approval Number: C1661073).


Completion of the Breastfeeding Educator fulfills 45 hours of the lactation specific education required for sitting the IBLCE Examination (see for more information on the requirements of becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant [IBCLC]).

IBLCE Exam Review Course

The IBLCE Exam Review course is a five-day interactive, in-person course that will enable you to prepare for the IBLCE exam with confidence.  This course follows the IBLCE Detailed Content Outline and reviews all major content areas covered on the exam.  In-class activities include lecture using a variety of multimedia, small group activities, and practice exam questions.